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The Dorneywood Trust


The Dorneywood Trust (DWT) is a registered charity with no funding from the public purse.

In 1954 the house and estate were left to the National Trust with a small endowment of £30,000. Lord Courtauld-Thomson left a larger endowment of £200k in the Dorneywood Thomson Endowment Trust Fund, which is managed by Dorneywood Trust (DWT). Today that fund generates annual income towards the running of the estate.


In June 2014 the DWT entered into a long lease of the Dorneywood Estate with the National Trust, taking full responsibility for running the estate.


Dorneywood is very different to, and separate from, Chequers and Chevening which are also available to government ministers. Dorneywood is a charity and must meet certain obligations set down by the Charity Commission. Dorneywood receives no public money at all and relies on the income generated by its Trust Fund, along with any other income generated from the estate.

Use of Dorneywood by a Cabinet Minister is balanced with public benefit and the house and garden are open to the public at various times throughout the year. See “book a visit”.


A Board of Trustees oversees the Dorneywood Trust. The Prime Minister nominates two, one is nominated by the National Trust and three independent Trustees are appointed for their specialist skills.

Secretary: Sue Saville
Trustees:  Lord Hollick, Chairman
                   Nicola Andrews  

                   Robin Evans 
                   Jeremy McIlroy
                   Ingrid Samuel

                   Lord Udny-Lister

In 2019 Trustees incorporated the Charity by forming an Incorporated Charitable Organisation. (CIO) Charity number 1181660.


Details of our charity, including our published accounts can be found on the Charity Commission website:

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